When the sun goes down, temperatures drop – even on the steamiest summer days. But that doesn’t mean your night on the patio has to end! There are a variety of patio heating options that can keep you warm long into the night, effectively extending the life of your patio – and of the party.


We all love cozy winter nights around the fire – so why can’t we have that in summer too? An outdoor fireplace creates a safe, easy way to create warmth and ambience on the patio. And not only does a fireplace provide heat, it also creates a focal point for an entire patio and outdoor space.

Fire Ring

For a similar effect with a lower price point, consider a fire ring. This is also a good option for smaller patios without the space for a fireplace. Our Strassen® precast fire ring cap provides a clean, sophisticated look with easy installation and maintenance.


A chimenea is a decorative fire feature, usually made of metal or clay. It often comes with chimney extensions to vent smoke, making them a good choice for patios.

Heat Lamps or Lanterns

One of the most commonly-known outdoor heat sources, portable patio heaters are popular because of their ease and small footprint. Most commonly fueled by propane, one lamp will heat between 15 to 25 square feet of patio space.

Blankets and Rugs

Simple, yes – but effective! Keep a few cozy blankets in a waterproof storage box or just inside the door, and bring them out when temperatures drop. Similarly, rugs can help keep the chill off bare feet.

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