You’ve chosen your paver size and selected a color blend. The next step: choosing a pattern. With so many different options, this is another step that Borgert makes easy with our online stone calculator and resource guide. Seeing paver patterns may help you more easily select the layout that’s right for your project.

Today, we’ll give a brief introduction to some of the more popular paver patterns, as discussed on The Spruce. Visit our product galleries to see more options, and contact us to discuss whether a specific pattern will work with your pavers and in your space.

All of the below examples are taken from our Holland Stone paver page; keep in mind that other paver or slab shapes are capable of different pattern variations. Visit each specific product page or visit our online stone calculator to see all available options!



In this pattern, paving stones are laid at 45- or 90-degree angles. Precision and accuracy are required, making this a more complicated option.



As the name suggests, this pattern looks much like a woven basket. It’s a popular choice for patios.


Running Bond

This popular pattern is fairly easy to lay and provides clean lines, making it a popular choice for walls and patios.



There are several different parquet pattern options, all of which add unique visual interest to a patio,  pathway or driveway


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