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Borgert’s DrenaPave™ is a permeable pavement system perfectly designed for patio, walkway or driveway applications. If you are increasing the size of your current home or wanting to build an outbuilding, Drena™ is the answer for meeting local permits where hard cover is an issue. Recharge the groundwater and keep dirty stormwater out of our lakes and streams. DrenaPave allows you to be environmentally responsible for future generations.

Designed and Manufactured by Borgert Products. With licensee opportunities now available.

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Benefits of PICP

  • A stormwater management solution that functions as a pavement and does not take up costly extra space
  • Reduces harmful runoff
  • Naturally filters out pollutants (nitrates, phosphorous, oil, grease, etc.) and cools the water as it infiltrates the system
  • Same durability and strength as the traditional Interlocking concrete pavements (ICP)
  • Does not frost, heave or crack
  • No ice formation on the pavement in cold climates
  • Easy to maintain the infiltration rate over time
  • LID and BMP tool

Composition and Manufacture

  • Pavers exceed industry standards: 8,000 psi – 5% absorption
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM C-936 and freeze-thaw testing per section 8 of ASTM C-67.
  • Manufactured with type A aggregates
  • Associated with a range of LEED credits
  • ADA Compliant

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Permeable pavement requires maintenance.

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