Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply upgrading the exterior, the front entry is a good place to start. It’s the first thing guests see when they arrive at your home, and it establishes the look and feel of your interior and exterior design. Perhaps most importantly, upgrading the front entry doesn’t cost a lot of time or money, and small changes can make a big impact.

Continue reading for front entry ideas and inspiration, courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

Install a Unique Front Path and Steps

Don’t simply pour a concrete path. Borgert Products’ concrete pavers, permeable pavements, slabs walls and step units will help you set the tone for your exterior design with a unique pathway and steps. With a variety of color, design and pattern options, our pavers will allow you to create a memorable, custom look.

Accent with Color

Make your home stand out from the rest with a brightly-painted door, window boxes or other accent.

Consider Container Gardens

It’s easy for shrubs and trees to grow out of control, blocking doors and windows and making a front entry look messy. Consider planting pots in containers, which are easy to maintain, rearrange, and change out seasonally.

Follow Your Home’s Lead

Does your home fit within a certain style or era? Do a little research, then look into architectural features – such as columns, trim and brackets – that fit with your home’s style.

Add Seating

Who doesn’t want to sit on the front porch and watch the world go by? Look into outdoor furniture such as chairs, a bench, or even a swing to make your home more inviting.

Light it Up

Lighting is important not just for aesthetics, but for safety. Illuminate pathways so guests can make it to and from your front door safely, and consider motion-sensing lights near the front door.

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