Do you have plants inside your home? Most of us do – plants improve air quality and add color throughout the house, effectively bringing the outdoors inside. Many people think that, because a patio is already outdoors, it doesn’t need additional plants. The garden is right over there, after all.

But, like indoor plants, incorporating flowers or greenery to a patio can add additional color and vibrancy to your outdoor space, making it even more of a relaxing retreat. Today, we’ll share some of our favorite plants for the patio, with tips on planting in shade and sun from The Spruce.

Best in Full Sun

  • Pelargoniums produce bright clusters of flowers, and do best when placed in full sun and watered regularly.
  • Gardenia hails from the south, making it a good option for sunny patios.

Shade Lovers

  • Caladiums grow well in full shade, but they do not like cold weather. When the temperature goes up, they’ll grow quickly.
  • New Guinea impatiens produce bright, colorful flowers. Keep them out of the hot afternoon sun for maximum growth.


  • Begonias are hardy, easily tolerating dry conditions, and happy in sun or shade.
  • Lantanas bloom continuously in the summer months, and are especially drought-tolerant when planted in large containers.

Bee-Friendly Plants

  • Pentas have star-shaped flowers in white, pink, red or lavender. These pollinators flower all summer long, reaching 18 to 24 inches by summer’s end.

Whether your patio is large or small, in the sun or in the shade, adding a few plants can enhance the feelings of relaxation and reprieve of any patio.

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