We’ve previously discussed tips for creating an inviting front entry, but today we want to tackle another key aspect of a home’s curb appeal: the front yard. With strategic planning and thoughtful design, you can create a front yard that is lovely to look at and welcoming to guests – but that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance from year to year. We’ll share a few tips, inspired by Better Homes and Gardens, below.

Finalize Hardscaping

Hardscaping is the more permanent aspects of landscaping design – the paver walkways, driveways, retaining walls, and the like. (Visit our hardscaping vs. softscaping blog post to learn more.) The first step in overhauling your front yard design is to choose paver products and install these permanent elements. Then, use the color blends as an inspiration for plants, trees, shrubs, and other softscaping components.

Plan to Scale

When it comes to planting beds, think big. Experts advise installing beds that span at least half of the width of the house, and that extend from the house to the sidewalk or road. This will ensure that the beds are to the proper scale to complement the house.

Keep it Simple

It’s incredibly tempting to buy every perennial at the garden store, but it’s best to limit the number of flowering plants in the front yard – at least to start. This will create a more controlled, cohesive look. Start small and add plants as needed.

Repetition is Key

To create unification and symmetry, repeat plant forms and textures strategically throughout the yard. For example, plant a blooming perennial near the sidewalk, then again along the walkway and next to the house.

Design for All Months

When choosing trees and perennials, select plants that will bloom throughout the year, from bulbs that pop up at the first sign of spring to evergreen trees that maintain color in the drab winter.

If you’re planning to incorporate a paver walkway, driveway or retaining wall into your front yard design, give Borgert a call – we can answer questions and direct you to a certified distributor or installer.

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